Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu
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The late Imai Masayuki Sohke (1916-2006) & his successor Iwami Toshio Sohke

Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu was developed by Miyamoto Musashi, author of the "Book of Five Rings" (Go Rin no Sho) and one of Japan's most famous swordsmen.

Niten Ichi-Ryu techniques are economical, with no flashy or exaggerated movements. Targeting is precise, and the distance and timing of techniques is exceptionally tight and without wasted motion. This school is most noted for its' series of 5 two sword (Nito) techniques, but there are also 12 single long sword (Itto) forms and 7 single short sword (Kodachi) forms. The Kata, know as Seiho in HNIR, are learnt in the order of Itto first, then Kodachi and finally Nito. Adapted from a 'Field Guide to Classical Japanese Martial Arts'.

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Hombu Keiko - Human Media Center DVD for HNIR
Screenshots from Human Media Creation Center DVD on HNIR & Iwami Sohke


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